She and Tom

This is Tom.

Tom does the hard work of reving the engine on Oleanna, turning the big stick at the back and making the outside move from side to side, sometimes all the way around. I don’t often get to see what he does as I’m inside most of the time, but I do quite often see him tie the outside up for short periods of time.

Tom is in charge of my morning ding ding, but I’m not so bothered about that. He gives me good head nudges and for some reason his evening ding dings taste the best, well most of the time.

Some days he opens up the back of the floor and spends time under it. This is where the rumbling heart of Oleanna lives. I’m not allowed in there, I think they are worried I might get covered in some yucky stuff and my white paws would never be the same again.

This is She.

She does the even harder work of moving the outside up and down. This sometimes involves lots of water, other times She has to push the air up or sideways. Once they stop moving the outside and tie it up for the day, She decides whether I’m allowed to go for an explore. There are rules She has to recite to me everytime. I’m apparently very good at keeping time, although I don’t know where I keep it.

She plays with me. Pen in the mornings, sometime stick, sometimes stone and sometimes conker, although I’m not too keen on the latter game as it’s spikey. It all depends on what that outside has.

She has a really good lap to sit on, well apart from when she wears those short trousers or the ones that are thin, I’m not so keen on them. Towels come in handy then. She also has good toes that need to be kept warm overnight and in the mornings.

When I’ve lost the time, rare but it does happen especially when you don’t know where you keep it, She comes into the outside and shouts my name, she also meows for me. We can have quite a conversation if I’m not being too busy in the friendly cover.