NB Oleanna

This is Oleanna which has been my home since 2016.

Oleanna is a narrowboat, apparently you can get wide boats, but these would have to breath in lots in some outdoor situations.

Oleanna was built especially for us by some Toms in Sheffield. She has various features that She included just for me.

I have enough head room to be able to eat my dingding from my bowls . This has two shelves above it, one where lots of bottles are kept, then the top one which is the ‘Feed me!’ shelf. They know what I’m after if I stand on this. I do have to share it with onions and carrots though and She occasionally tells me off as I might singe my white tipped tail on the cooker.

I’m not allowed in the cooker cupboard!

There is a good place to stash my toys, balls naturally roll there, in the wine cellar. When it’s not so full of boxes I can squeeze in there .

Limbo under the pans

There is a special pull out cupboard. This has two cat features that I should point out. The first is it has a gap underneath it when it gets pulled out. They think I’d get squashed if I stayed in there when it gets closed, but I managed to be in there once for quite a while and had to meow quite loudly to get their attention, I came out just like I went in, so I don’t get squashed. The other is there is a gap at the back of the pull out bit, this is especially good to jump into and explore, but I know I’d get squashed if it went back in.

I have a very big scratch pole, which I used to sit on top of when I was little. I’m too big to do that now, but I still use it when I don’t have any trees to climb.

I have a Houdini shelf, which means I can sit at window level and watch the outside move. This was a feature they especially wanted on Oleanna, even before they knew I existed, it is named after Houdini who was the first second mate. The Tom’s who built Oleanna weren’t too keen on Houdini’s shelf, but relented in the end. They always ask if I use it and I do.

MY shelf

I have my own shelf, it’s a bit like a box on it’s side. I took charge of this the day we moved the inside to Oleanna. This gives me a good vantage point down the boat, I just have to make sure I don’t grow anymore as then I wouldn’t fit in it.

I can also sit by the kitchen. This gives me a good view over Tom’s shoulder so I can see what he’s reading. It’s never very interesting.

They jumped out at me!

There is the secret corridor behind the sofa. I haven’t as yet managed to get in there by myself, even though I try quite frequently. There really must be a way in if I empty all the books onto the floor. She sometimes opens up the portal that leads to the corridor, for some reason there are lots of pens down there. I wonder how they get there?

The forest doesn’t normally live in there, just my water bowl

The bathroom has a big glass surround for my water bowl, a gulping monster under the floor.

And a very handy sink to stand on so that I can peer out of the porthole and plead to be let out.

The bedroom has good features too. A bed that we all share, it gets smaller during the day as I’m the only one who uses it then.

When they lift it up it has Tilly sized holes which I can just squeeze through.

I have a booster block so that I can see through the front windows.

All the curtains were made with me in mind. I can slot in behind them and sit right in the window for the best sunbathing spots and to watch the outside go up and down.

Outside there is a handy catwalk on both sides, just the right width for me. This is especially handy when we are on rivers, I can sit and wait for friends on the banks to show them selves.

There is a roof and covers, these give me extra height so I can see a lot further and keep an eye on woofers as they pass.

All in all Oleanna is a very good place to live.