About Me, Tilly

This is me, Tilly

When I was a few months old I was rescued from a life of eating road kill in Nottinghamshire by some lovely ladies at Burton Joyce Cat Welfare. These ladies looked after me for a short while and then suggested that She might want to adopt me. She came to meet me after only having seen one photo, She’d already fallen for me and the white tip to my tail guaranteed I’d have a new forever home on a narrowboat.

Me on my first day

My narrowboat was called Lillian and she was bright yellow. She and Tom moved the outside most days, moving it hundreds and thousands of miles. Then we changed our boat to one that was built for us, Oleanna, they still move the outside, I think we’re up to a million miles now, but I’m not sure.

Keeping an eye on the outside being moved is very important

As a Second Mate I am kept busy both inside and out, my days are filled with my duties. Catching flies, spiders and my favourite Daddylonglegs, they are especially crunchy. I have to inspect things, keep an eye on the rest of the crew and make sure that the bed is kept warm. In winter I have to keep a special eye on the stove and make sure it keeps its temperature.

When the outside is tied up I usually get to explore. Lots of people seem puzzled by this and ask, ‘Does she come home?’ Well I must do otherwise She and Tom wouldn’t still have a cat to let out, would they! Stupid people!!

Deciding where to explore next

I am a Naturalist and enjoy all that nature has to offer. Trees need to be climbed. Side ways trees ventured through. Friendly cover needs to be watched at close quarters until it yields the friends it hides. Water must be avoided. I can swim, but would rather not as it takes a very long time to dry off.

Me in my ‘Home’ field

Most outsides that they catch are good, plenty to keep me occupied. But then there are those outsides that are not good, like BUMingham and Yurck! These outsides my shore leave is often cancelled and after a while I begin to get cabin fever. Good outsides tend to get awarded a Mrs Tilly Stamp of Approval and I aim to publish a list of these somewhere on my blog to assist other boat cats in getting their crew to tie up the correct outsides.

Me in the Norf

For the last four years I have contributed to the Oleanna blog that She writes. I’ve been told that my life is about to change somewhat, so I thought that maybe I should record this. I have no idea what the future may bring, but as it does bring things I will share them with you, lets hope it’s lots of Dreamies! Although I obviously won’t be sharing those!!