Much Loved Pawsonalities

Recently I have heard of the passing of two much loved canal pawsonalities. They have both run over Rainbow Bridge 62 at the bottom of Foxton and will be missed by many.

Lock 21

Firstly Tinker. I just about met Tinker last summer in Slawit, he looked after lock 21 on the Huddersfield Narrow Canal. She offered him some of my Dreamies, but he rightly refused them, not wanting to deprive me. He was a much loved local character. Here follows a statement by Jane Emery, the poem by Bev Clarke.


Hi there, In Slawit we had a much loved cat, Tinker who spent his days sleeping and greeting people at Lock 21. So many people asked about him, the canal trust made a sign to explain that he wasn’t a stray and well looked after. Sadly Tinker passed over the rainbow bridge this week prompting a huge response from those who will miss him.. Below is the announcement of his passing:

To all who paused when passing by,

With gentle pat and kindly eye,

I thank you for your friendly ways,

That brightened up my latter days.

I proudly kept lock 21, for many years.

My work is done.

Please do not mourn, my life was good, But I was tired.

I leave with love. Tinker. X.

May he have plenty of locks to look after now

Then news from November last year about the passing of Retired Guide Dog Oakley.


Just a few days ago would have been his eleventh birthday. Fundraising has helped raise enough money to sponsor a Guide Dog Puppy in his memory. Oakley’s Legacy fund raising page is here

Snoozy Woofer

Oakley served She Tracey for many years, helping her along the towpaths of the canals, a few years ago he retired and went to live with his Daddy Dixon. His last week was spent in the Lake District with his good friends.

Oakley and She Tracey

I never met Oakley, but Houdini the previous second mate on Lillian did, at a distance, with a pane of glass between them, Oakley didn’t like hissing furballs. But both Houdini and Oakley could appreciate each others qualities both living on boats. Oakley wrote a blog when he worked with She Tracey and somehow he has sent word from the other side of the Leicester Section of the Grand Union Canal via a bears blog! Yes I know a little bit strange.


Here’s a link to Oakleys final blog post from the great carrot patch of the Leicester Section.

I hope that when I get to run over bridge 62 I’ll be joining Houdini in her field of mice and shrews surrounded by big trees to climb and not have to eat any carrots!

Many Thanks to Tom Tim for being able to use the photos of Oakley.

3 thoughts on “Much Loved Pawsonalities

    • Don’t worry Joa, Bridge 62 is 140 miles away! It would take She and Tom 46 hours to walk there, so depending on friends and trees on the way I’d take at least 46 days.


  1. We never got to Bridge 62, but would love to have met Tinker. We are all sorry to hear the news about Oakley who we had the privilege to meet several times. He even spent a night in our house when Tracey came to talk about Guide Dogs to our WI. He was a very clever dog who did a great job, even if he was a bit of a pickle at times. He and Monty were great pals. Jennie x


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