4am Introductions

Scarboreugh is turning out to be not quite so boring after all.

I’m a model, you know what I mean

The last few nights I’ve been on guard as I suspected there might be a friend about, and last night we came nose to nose. I was so pleased that I’d found a friend that we both climbed the stairs so that I could introduce She and Tom.

It took a bit to wake them up. She cottoned on first that I had a friend with me and wasn’t about to curl up on the bed with her. Instead I was doing my best to persuade my new found friend to come out and say hello from inside some of She’s clothes that were on the floor.

Who’s that!?!

She in the end helped and confirmed that I did have a friend, a mouse. I of course knew that! I’d brought it with me! She said hello and lights were turned on, my friend was a little bit shy of the spotlights and dashed away to find Tom’s clothes.

Tom came over to say hello too. Neither of them knew where my friend had come from or was, I did though. Tom lifted suitcases, She flipped boxes around whilst I didn’t understand why they weren’t looking at Toms socks.

They are such strange things. She zipped up the big ‘I’m going away’ bag, listened to it and then handed it to Tom. He took the empty bag downstairs and outside and closed the front door. Where was he going away to at this time?!

Just a little while later he brought the bag back, put it on the floor and got back into bed. He can’t have gone away anywhere.

Night Night Tilly!

But I hadn’t introduced them to my friend properly yet and they were turning the lights off. They’d distracted me so I’d lost sight of my new acquaintance. I carried on looking for them whilst Tom and She got back on with snoring!

I’ll try again tomorrow