What use are tails?

They are handy for balance, calculations, emotions and mostly undecidedness. They whip from side to side when friends are near, aiding pouncing preparation.

She says they can also be very handy at a distance. Well mine can be because of it’s white tip. She says she can see me for miles and miles. It also makes her very happy to see how happy I am when I see her and my tail flips straight up in the air, the white bit a touch heavy and bending it over a touch.

So how would it be to be without a tail?

I really can’t imagine.

But this little fella is going to have to.

My number one fan She Joa is looking after him at the moment. Sir Antonio Bandidas or Bandit for short, is about 11 weeks old and tomorrow a Green Tom will take his tail away, for good.

She says he is Bandito Badass as somehow he got a very bad infection and his tail has died. She says there is more to his story but the details are really quite icky! So he is going to have to grow up and learn to live without his tail. I suspect he’ll get very wiggly hips having to compensate.

She Joa says he is ever so friendly, purry, the most adorable kitten she has ever had! Well she didn’t know me when I was 11 weeks old, I’d have knocked his stripes off. Hopefully when he’s recovered She Joa and friends will find him a lovely forever home.

She says if we ever move back into a house to live all the time then she might think about being a Foster carer. But I’m not so keen on the idea as I might have to share my Dreamies or Webbox! With another cat!!!

Having said that as Bandit won’t have a tail he’ll be a different sort of cat so I might even share some of my Webbox with him.

If you fancy sending him a treat here’s a LINK

Recover well Bandit.