Sunshine Stealer!

With the lovely warmer weather recently I’ve been spending a bit of time in the front outside. Here the gravel and paving get lovely and warm in the morning, great for stretching out on.

When She and I break for daytime dingding She comes outside with me to help soak up some sun, there’s been lots of it so plenty to go round. She sits on the wall and I have a good old sniff round, the occasional rearrangement of gravel and consider if the front flower bed would be suitably safe to make a deposit.

All wonderful…..


Excuse me that’s my sunshine!

Shitty Shoes turns up!

Tom sprinkled something on the grass the other day which seems to have stopped Shitty Shoes from leaving his squishy deposits on the grass. Now that it smells much nicer out there, Shoes has decided to use up some of our sunshine!

Well I’m not having that!

Bum wiggle required

I chased him away several times and then settled back into rearranging the gravel. Then that smell returned, he was hiding behind the wall stealing sunshine again.

Back again!

He just doesn’t bat an eye lid, well his eyes are skew wiff, so it might just be hard for him. I ask him politely to shift. Go and find his own sunny outside. This doesn’t work. So I add a bum wiggle and a charge, this seems to work and he heads off down the street.

But then he reappears and sits in the shade under one of our benches! Just WHAT is the point of that!!

Sling your hook mate!

She thinks he’s either stupid or just wants to be near me. I think he is a very rude cat and all he actually wants is bits of dingding! He’s obviously been brought up by people who didn’t have the instruction book. ‘Never, ever, ever, ever give your cat human food’.

Are you deaf too!?

I have been brought up properly. Squinty eyed squitty bummed Shoes most certainly hasn’t!

9 thoughts on “Sunshine Stealer!

    • You should see a post on Cats on the Cut on facebook. A She wanting to have a boy kitten and keep his dingly danglys. It’s so that he and his girlfriends in future can decide for themselves whether to have kids or not! My She sat open mouthed at the thred, I just wanted to chase it! Not one person agreed, there’s now over 200 comments, the last suggesting they should keeps rats instead.


      • We are normally inundated with requests for help with kittens by now and the caravan sites near us always provide us with plenty of work to do regarding strays/ferals/kittens. But, this year, we have had 1 request for help and the kittens on the caravan sites are being taken away while mum is out hunting, only to be sold for £400 a time. No vaccinations, no treatment for fleas or worms, no vet check, no microchip … a lot of them will suffer and perish unfortunately as they need their mum or proper care until 9-10 wks old. It’s so sad and we fully expect an influx of cats once lockdown ends as people get bored with them or don’t have time to care for them. Dog charities are experiencing the same.


    • Debby, they are being very lax about everything, especially a shed! They keep telling me that Oleanna’s outside doesn’t move anymore so I might not like it so much 😦


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