Pink Fishy

Dear Tilly,

Due to a national shortage of dog and cat food pouches, we’re sorry if you’re not able to find your usual product at Sainsbury’s. We’re working hard to resolve this. We think the issue will be ongoing through the year, but we hope to get them back onto shelves as quickly as possible.



I can’t eat anything other than pink fishy food! Don’t they understand!

She says I used to like blue meaty food. Tom says I wouldn’t notice if they changed it to one with a fancier name. Little does he know how long I can last just on yellow biscuits.

They have tried, though. Tom struggled back from the shops a few weeks ago with a big box of pink fishy, but they soon went. Then they hunted round on the internet and found some.

Tilly 2 keeping an watch for the man with his van

These had to be delivered by a man in a van, all very exciting, 2 big boxes just for me! She and Tom sighed a sigh of relief. She said ‘that will last her three months’.

Pink food!

Salmon just isn’t what it used to be, neither is whitefish. Tuna and Coley are okay I suppose. Maybe I fancy something a little bit different. Maybe some chicken, or duck!

Didn’t I tell you, I don’t like fish anymore!