The Coal Van

Waiting for the coal van

Back in the olden days, when they used to move the outside, we used to get caught by a coal boat every now and again. Coal boats were good.

Here in modern times, with a static outside, we have a coal van. This coal van is far less efficient.

Coal boats pull up alongside. Coal vans pull up on the road outside.

Coal boat Toms put big bags of coal on your roof. Coal van Toms can’t reach the roof.

Coal house

Coal boat Toms leave your coal in bags, easy to move it around and it stays dry. Coal van Toms, after walking all the way round the houses, empty their bags into a little house. They then take the bags away again.

Tom then has to go and fill up the scuttle, chasing all those lumps of coal around with a short spade, instead of just pouring lumps out of a bag.

Coal boats also have new noses and charcoal for fires outside

The coal boat Tom stands and chats. The coal van Tom is too out of breath to chat.

The coal boat Tom also has a hose that fills us up with diesel. The coal van Tom doesn’t and is still out of breath.

NB Dusty

The coal boat Tom has big red bottles that Tom puts into our boats mouth. The coal van Tom doesn’t, his back aches and he has to move his van out of the way.

Look there’s Ruth She and Paddy Tom

We know coal boat’s names, coal boat Tom’s and She’s names, and their woofer’s names. I miss coal boats.

3 thoughts on “The Coal Van

  1. it’s a long time since i have seen coal delivered. It is important to monitor the bags, well done for keeping watch.


    • He brings five bags a time just like to coal boat. But he’s only been twice, the boat would have been at least eight times, no wonder this inside isn’t as warm as the boat


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