She has been accusing me of being lazy, becoming institutionalised!

Well its She and Tom are the ones who have become lazy. They have given up moving the outside and have left us in Scarboreough, so what do they expect me to do other than sleep if the outside stays the same ALWAYS!

Hello! I’m right here!!

She said, Enough is enough! I want my old cat back. Hello I’m right here in front of you, when I open my eyes that is.

So the other morning she put on her coat, hat, gloves, it’s rather cold for humans right now and called me to the front door. Time to go for a walk!

Off She walked up the hill, striding forth with purpose. This way Tilly! My little long legs did their best to keep up. But hang on! Things smell too interesting to just walk on by.

What’s that?

She wanted to go one way, me another. She gave in and followed me. There were sideways trees and big trees all requiring a good sniff and checking out. Exploring underneath the lush green sideways trees took time. I don’t know what She was doing but I could have done with a paw under there. No, all She did was stand on the path chatting to me. Until someone came with a woofer pooh bag for the bin, She went strangely quiet then and stood back well away from them.

Are you sure it’s better that way?

After a while She persuaded me that going the other way was way better, there would be fewer people. So I scooted to the next sideways tree, leaping across the little canal. Up the stairs she went. These aren’t like those inside, they are a bit muddy and don’t have carpet.

This way. This way!

Up and up She went. She was right it was better, we climbed up to as high as some of the trees, in amongst more trees. I checked them out making note as to which ones required to be climbed, there were quite a few I must say.


Then we went sideways through more trees. This was brilliant! Just like our outside walks again when on the boat. I could hear woofers above us, but they couldn’t see me, so that was fine.

More stairs

However I was spotted. Spotted by crows! Blimey they are such noisy loud annoying birdies. They all swooped to be near me and shouted in my ears. No thank you I thought. I don’t care what you are saying, it’s deafening. So we quickly headed back down the hill, all those stairs. I was first to the front door, She had lagged behind so I shouted encouragement.

Plenty of trees

Apparently we’d walked half a mile. My tail really liked it.

So since then I haven’t been lazy or institutionalised, I have been proactive in asking to go for a walk every day. Tom isn’t quite so good, he isn’t quite so good at riding shot gun and keeping boss eyed Shoes away. Shoes did try to follow us the other day, but he soon wimped out as we climbed the stairs.

Another day there were lots of woofers. One with a hair clip so that it could see came right up to She and said in a really deep voice WOOF! It didn’t see me, but it was hard to miss as it was so BIG.

Me and She

Another day the little canal was frozen.

She won’t let me go right to the very top of the stairs. She says that there is a woofer playground up there and it wouldn’t be good for me. She says they’d most probably gang up against me, so we won’t be going that far.

Some people see us coming, I think some people hear She chatting to me and they change their route to avoid the nutty lady. This suits me as I can carry on sniffing and selecting trees for future visits.

It’s good here