Taming The Dragon

A few weeks ago they moved sides. My bed got a chair all of it’s own and my escape pod was positioned on the floor, I don’t tend to use it much these days, not much water to be warry of around here.

Then something happened. Tom scrunched up paper, snapped bits of wood and filled a scuttle with coal. The coal comes to this inside in bags which the man takes away with him. I suspect it’s so that he doesn’t have to take the coal all the way up to put it on the roof, I don’t blame him as it’s not just a simple jump for me anymore like it was on the boat.

Snapped bits of wood

All of Tom’s actions were nothing unusual, but hang on where was the stove?! There is no stove, no door to open to feed the dragon, who lies inside waiting to breath fire. No door to close to keep the dragon safe behind the glass. Instead Tom took away a bit of black, laid the paper, sticks and coal in a whole in the wall that lay behind. Maybe houses have different breeds of dragons that need coaxing out from the chimney.

Poxy mesh

The fire was lit, then Tom spent ages trying to get the dragon to read some newspaper, taking it away every now and again. These house dragons must have had a better education. After reading a few articles the flames roared up the chimney. Still no door, just a poxy bit of mesh to hold the dragon back! Just what use was that?! Then when She and Tom came and sat on the sofa the poxy mesh was taken away!

Risky move by Tom!

I had to keep a very close eye on this dragon, after all it was free to come out of the wall and blow flames at us. She kept telling me to keep away from it as it might melt my whiskers. But Tom must have tamed it, he fed it every now and again and when we went to bed he put the poxy mesh back and then closed the doors to the living room.

In the morning the black was back in position, the dragon safely sleeping up the chimney, it must prefer it to be dark. It took me a few more days before I dared to sit on the catwalk above the dragon. It keeps my tail nice and warm.

She says that their Saturday newspaper might not be enough to wake the dragon every evening. I think I prefer boat dragons, they only need one lot of paper and they keep going in their little box for days, weeks, months, plus they don’t have to read it all first!

That’s better

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