I’ve Been Busy, Okay!

Blimey there has been a lot to oversee in the last couple of weeks!

Checking things hang properly

She finished Tom’s shed. He now has a bed in it, not that it’s any good for sleeping on as it’s covered in boxes. That sounds quite good to a cat, lots of boxes, but they are all full of things! How inconsiderate!

Just where is a cat supposed to get comfy?!

Tom has been sneaking up through the tall doors and appearing with more boxes, then some more, then even more! Some of these have been put in what She says could be my Shed. They make for interesting nosing around, but My Shed lacks several things. A roof to sit on and a shelf to be able to see out of the window. I’ve risen a chitty and am hoping they will get round to it in the not too distant future. Just what is the point of a shed without a view?!

Anyhow. She then started to leave the tall doors open! This is just so exciting. I’ve been waiting for this to happen for ages and ages. It started off that I was only allowed upstairs upstairs with supervision. My vision is perfectly fine, I feel it is quite super as I can see an awful lot more than She and Tom can, but they seem to think they are better at it than me. I have to humour them.

Open the door, you know you want to!

Behind the tall doors are stairs that resemble fat trees. I have no problems getting up them, but they do. They even try to bring things down them and get themselves all tied up in knots. How did this get up here? It must have come up this staircase. No this one. Tom insisted that one of the tall doors could be even taller, but She knew it couldn’t. He really should listen to her.

The tall door

At first it was fantastic up there. Boxes to climb round, in and over. Wooden climbing frames too so I could get even higher! But Tom took most of the boxes away. I hoped they’d be added to my Shed, but they went all the way to the bottom and helped fill the cupboards in the kitchen.

Exciting things to climb

She used a hissing thing and pulled a side off. It got all steamy up there so I left her to it. Apparently some Toms are going to come and make mess and noise. I hope they don’t take too long as I have a route to plan to the very very top of the house.

She pulled the side down, not me!

It looks good up there. I tried to get closer, but my claws didn’t work very well so I slid back down. The view is ever so good almost above the trees. From here I can see even more trees.

She washed the windows which were very urgh! She then spent even longer emptying boxes, filling other ones, moving things about. I used my supervision eyes and did my best to make sure She was doing it properly. The wooden climbing frames came in handy to get a better view of what She was up to.

Work not play!

Then when there was enough space for my mouse fishing rod to be spun round in the middle She gave the floor a good swish swash with water. This apparently isn’t my playroom. It is a work room. Back on Oleanna She had the table and a few cupboards that She used for work, now She has a space that the whole of Oleanna would fit into, surely I can play up there too!

Her table is big enough for the both of us, so it looks like I will still have my job as a Theatre Designers Assistant. The box that arrived the other week has now been opened to reveal ……. another box. Not an ordinary box, but one She made last year, it is very black and seems to be peeling. But if anyone can mend it She can, for now I’ll just keep it warm for her.

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