Many Mouths To Feed

My diet is minimal. Fresh biscuits for morning dingding, a pouch of something a little bit fishy for evening dingding, plus a top up of biscuits, the yellow ones are the best. During the day I sometimes snack on some friends, but recently this hasn’t been so much. Bogey Nose next door must eat at least three seagulls a day to keep his physique in top stumpy condition!

Sunning myself

When I heard of one cat who is eating six , yes six! pouches a day, I wondered just how stumpy and fat she must be. She must be really really round. However she seems to have more than one mouth to feed.

Luna has an extra six mouths to feed as she’s had kittens. Three weeks old today!

Now I don’t like cats in general, but as all of these are black and white and a little bit like me, well … what’s not to like.

My No.1 fan, She Joa, is helping look after them all, it actually sounds like all she is doing is opening pouches of food for Luna and scooping up after her. She Joa fosters cats for the Cats Protection.

As they all get older and spend less time devouring milk they will need toys and things to keep them occupied. My birthday present this year was really really good so I might just get them one of those and maybe some Dreamies for Mum, Luna, I think she deserves some.

Figaro and Bill. Look at those pink paw pads

If you fancy giving them a little something too She says they have a wish list that you can buy from. Swale Cats Protection Wish List and get them sent to Joa Savage’s Gift Registry Address.


I wonder if any of them will become boat cats? She’d quite like Otter, but he hasn’t got a white tipped tail so he’s not allowed on my boat.

11 thoughts on “Many Mouths To Feed

  1. Cuteness overload.
    Watch out Tilly, if She gets Otter (or one of the others) you’ll have your work cut out to get all the playtime, snuggles & Dreamies.
    (Gift sent via the link)


  2. Hello Tilly, Monty here. Being a cat friendly dog I thought I would do my bit for your furry friends, but my human is not very clever and is in need of help! She assumed that if she followed the link that the item purchased (a box of dreamies in your honour) would automatically go to Swales, however that was not the case when she got to the checkout? Can you ask Pip if the address is Joa Savage’s Gift Registry Address? Monty (and Jennie!!) xx


  3. Thank you so much Tilly! Apologies for the delay, I’ve been away from work having a rest (or rather feeding Luna!) so didn’t see email updates.
    Otter says he quite likes the idea of living on a boat, but would like his own sunny window – is that possible please?


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