Sheds. They seem to be thing around here. A status symbol for both humans and felines.

A perfect shed for two

Bogey nose and Betty have a shed. Damian on the otherside has a shed, but no cat to make use of it’s roof. Then for as far as a cats eye can see, there are sheds. I have two back outsides and yet I have no SHED!

Call this a SHED!

Apparently there used to be a shed, but it was taken away before it fell down. However this inside has an indoor shed! She even keeps suggesting it has two indoor sheds. I’m not convinced.

Not sunny enough

A shed needs to have a roof all of it’s own. A shed should be of a certain height. This is so that humans can walk into it and cats can jump onto it. Ideally a shed should be positioned in a sunny spot, so one can sun bathe all afternoon. A shed should be filled with interesting things, nooks and crannies that only cats can squeeze into.

I can see sheds all the way down there

My two sheds have none of these qualities. No roof. Nowhere to sit on. Nowhere to sun bathe. Bogey nose and Betty will not share theirs, even though I’ve tried, and Damian’s is a little bit too angled for sun bathing. As for things, nooks and crannies, well they are empty!

I want my own shed

How is a cat meant to assert her position and status without a Shed!

I feel the need to start a campaign.

3 thoughts on “Sheds

  1. We have a shed … it’s called the She Shed (other people have a man cave, but a She Shed is much more useful).
    We’d share it with you!
    Dog and Mungo


    • Thank you Mungo and Dog. But I have a feeling that would involve a long time in a car! I don’t like them. Tom wonders if I’d prefer a train, but She doesn’t think the other passengers would appreciate me chatting away.


  2. I’ll have to post it on FB for “She” to post, but you’d love our shed or next doors garage, but you’d have to share with Smudge


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