Front Outside

For ages I’ve been looking at the Front Outside. Trees. Sideways trees. Maybe a bit of friendly cover and beer deliveries! What’s not to like about out there.

The cat shelf isn’t too good in this room, I get hot paws

So eventually She opened up the doors, to do even more painting! As Clerk of Works I was allowed to join her to make sure standards were being kept upwards. She rubbed lots, washed lots and then started to paint it and the other one. So much effort, I do hope She’s happy with it when it’s finished and the other one.

Beer! Apparently they do gluten free beer.

Loads to sniff round here. Although there are no cows, horses, or sheeps smells. But what there is, far too many cat smells!

That cross eyed cat came past, so I hissed at him. Shoes, what a daft name! Cats don’t wear shoes, if they did they wouldn’t be able to climb trees! They would inhibit our in built crampons.

Anyway. I quite like this outside even if I’ve not ventured up any of the trees yet, I’m saving that as I have a feeling this outside will be tied up for ages and ages, just like the one out the back.

The grass tastes sweet and there is stuff to dig too. Before you say it, I would never consider doing ‘That’ here, anyway I have a pooh box for that sort of thing. Best to keep it inside and away from predators.

Fence calculations

There’s a good bit of fence which should gain me access to a bit higher, I haven’t finished doing the calculations for this yet, but it’s work in progress.

Then there is a really good cat walk. It doesn’t stay flat, but it goes on for nearly as long as Oleannas. This is a good vantage point to watch the cars, vans and beer deliveries go by.

My uppy downy catwalk

From the catwalk I can just about reach the big white fly that makes noises, more calculations required to extend my stretch for this one. She says ‘it would be good if you could touch it‘ then She and Tom would know when I wanted to come in.

My catwalk’s better than yours!

Only down side is that Bogey Face Alan knows of this outside and he seems to have a catwalk too. But my catwalk is far FAR superior!

4 thoughts on “Front Outside

  1. Your wall is definitely superior Tilly. You’ve got to feel sorry for Bogey Face Alan though, his wall is really old and dodgy looking.
    We have more fur babies arriving tomorrow with their mum! Mum is being called Winnie, 2 tabby boys are Albert and Monty but the little tabby girl needs a name. Something old fashioned – it’s tough thinking up names!
    Anyway, Mungo has struvite crystals in his bladder so now needs special food for the rest of his life (it’s a build up of 3 enzymes, common in boy cats). He is not amused.
    Dog was sick this morning – it’s all go here!
    Take care of those humans ok.
    Joa, Dog and Mungo


    • How’s about Eliza?
      Hope Mungo copes with new food. They keep trying me on alsorts, but I’ve decided to be exceptionally picky now I live here. My predecessor held out for the really good stuff, so I’m aiming for that too. Hope they both feel better soon.


      • Eliza is very regal .. this kitten is definitely not regal! I’m thinking of calling her scruff to be honest!!


      • Amelia.
        That was my first name and I was quite a scruff bag. I am now too since I’ve been on an adventure around the backs of kitchen cupboards. Freezers make funny noises when you are behind them!


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