Funny Flies

So far in this inside we’ve not had any midges. She’s happy about this as just the thought of them makes her itch! Then She has to itch them, which annoys Tom, and then they itch some more.

Trying to find a route up

But what we do have is very pesky funny looking flies that sit on the walls all day, every day! Surly they should be going somewhere. But no, they just sit there, annoying me.

Pesky critters

I’ve tried to encourage them to fly, but they are adamant and just stay put. One even took hold of my claws and had me hanging for a while, luckily the cat walk was just below when finally I got free.

She says I’ll soon have no white paws left.

I’ve even tried getting this one to move from the other side. She wasn’t too pleased with me ‘barging your way past the defences‘. I have to say I’m not too keen on soot, or a damp flannel!

She says most of these flies will eventually go, especially the ones that none of us can reach easily. Two have already gone from the kitchen. Maybe they migrate like geese.

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