Sit Off In Scarbados

One back outside

There was I in the back outside with She. She was busy painting, AGAIN! and I was minding my own business. Reclaiming my tree, checking out the walls when Bogey Nose turns up!

The other back outside

I’d just started to explore a sideways tree and all of a sudden there he was. Short legs, a touch over weight and most certainly not as beautiful as me. He just sits there on the floor looking up at me and sniffing the air! I smelt lovely this morning having just had a half hour bath before the pen game, so what was there to sniff at?! Maybe he was having difficulty with his bogey!

Me up the sideways tree, red arrow for Tom Tom

He just sat there and sat there! Well no wonder with all that extra weight he carries. I was getting bored of being up the sideways tree, was he shifting, was he heck! She introduced us. Tilly this is Alan, Alan this is Tilly, be nice to each other. She said we had to sort it out between ourselves but please avoid the necessity of a visit to the vets. I’d really rather not go there so I suggested that he should move, politely. He must be deaf it took a hiss or two before he took the hint.

Bogey, you are in MY outside!

Then after he’d walked away he came back surprising me. Big Fat Bogey! We stood off for a while then he walked away again, jumping up onto the wall between this outside and the other, which apparently is his.

I sat on my wall, I know this because it is between my two outsides. He turned his back to me, but I kept an eye on him. We had a sit off.

Must not make eye contact

When the sit off moved around the corner to a pile of bricks and Snotty’s green fence Tom came along and picked me up. He said there’d been enough sorting it out for today.

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