Ghostly Goings On

She and Tom have been getting a little bit perplexed of late. Before their boating days they used to live in this inside all the time. Apparently they didn’t change the outside then either!

Watching the far away TV

In the last week or so things have started to happen, at night which never used to happen before. Some things can be put down to the house being warm again, creeks and squeaks. But other things can’t!

I’ve had a good check up the chimney, but there’s nothing to see up there either. They have blocked the bottom now, so if there is anything up there it can’t get out.

No escape from the chimney now!

There is one cupboard that they keep finding open. This is where the Tom put the new boiler in and there are handy shelves to sit on, along with an intriguing hole in the floor.

Open most mornings

They wonder whether there might be a ghost trying to get out.

There’s nothing down there

So at night I open the cupboard up and keep an eye out for it, sometimes I need to turn the light on too because so far I’ve seen no ghostly goings on.

Paul, thank you for your non findings. Maybe the ghost is steeling my blog! If it is then you won’t be able to see this. Try pulling the cord, the light usually comes on, which might help.

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