My Own Wardles.

This inside has been holding two secrets from me.

One Wardle

At first I thought they were really good places to play with spidery friends, but that got boring when Tom gave them all an escape route over the side.

My only friend … so far

However it turns out these baths are little canals! The water level isn’t so good in them though. Every now and then they fill up. My Wardle canals are much cleaner and warmer than the one in Cheshire, put them both end to end and they would still be a lot shorter. They are so clean that Tom and She sit in them for ages, apparently this is what all boaters miss, having their own Wardles.

Wardle Canal, Middlewich, Cheshire

As soon as they get out the water drains away! I was thinking of reporting this to Canal and River Trust, but a Tom came round to check underneath, he wasn’t wearing blue, so I hope he knew what he was doing.

That needs investigating

He took the side off, I spied a hole underneath Wardle. Was this where all the water was going? I had to investigate. It all seemed very dry and dusty under there and She came running and dragged me out, closing the door behind us. I tried reporting that all was well, but She seemed more bothered about me walking on the ceiling! How stupid! How could I have been walking on the ceiling?! The Tom came back the next day and put the side back on. Since then that Wardle has stayed dry, may the reservoir levels in Scarboreugh are very low.

Wardle Lock, Middlewich, Cheshire

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