House Warming

Apparently when you move into a house it has to be warmed. This has happened in several ways over the last few days.

First Frank Tom arrived with beans and apples. Then the next day he came back with something for me. A whole sideways tree!

A Sideways tree inside!

He stood at the front door holding it upwards and then it got laid down for me to have a good look at. It’s a bit strange having a sideways tree inside. Well it was until Tom started to remove all it’s leaves and put them in a very big jar. Then he removed what was left to outside. Apparently this wasn’t for me after all, it was bayleaves that She likes to put in cooking.

3.1 litres of bayleaves

Then another Tom turned up. He was very noisy. He was so noisy I decided that behind the sofa was the best place for me to be. The house inside got smaller and smaller until I only had the living room anyway.

I think that is broken

He ran up the stairs, banged about, wiggled things, hit things, everything was very noisy. Then about mid afternoon, normally snooze time the living room started to get really hot. I wondered if I had started the menopaws. No this Tom was making the house be able to warm itself. She and Tom were very pleased especially as they’d thought they would have to wait ages for this to happen.

This one looks broken too, but it just wasn’t quite finished

That evening they tried out what She calls the ‘Ugly Shower’. It worked, but they both agree it is very ugly.

Then there was a big parcel. Inside it were things for Tom and She. Then a little parcel just for me, from Mungo and Dog! This was my house warming present from my friendly cats down south, they live with Joa my number one fan.

Wow wee. I got a covid toy, a crinckly toy, some dreamies and even better some Webbox sticks, my absolute favourites. Thank you very much Mungo and Dog, my house is very warmed now.

She also wanted me to say a big thank you to Joa for her catty mask. She has been making them to raise funds for Swale Cats Protection. This is where Mungo and Dog got rescued and recently Frank, though Frank isn’t the big Frank Tom you get in Scarboreugh.


Even thought there have been a couple of noisy days I quite like this house warming stuff.

One thought on “House Warming

  1. Menopaws – best line ever! You’re too young though Tilly and Mungo says you are in your prime still. Kitten Frank is having a blast at his new home, bullying his 2 sisters and putting on lots of weight (1.4kg now).
    Enjoy the Webbox and toys!


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