New Rules

The outside rules have changed a bit.

NO friends home, dead or alive, or putting them on the roof for later.

No jumping in

NO Bullying.

NO going on in other peoples boats houses. That one’s a bit different.

No playing on the road. New.

No fighting. New.

Respect your neighbours. What!?! No poohing in Damian’s garden! Who is Damian?

The portal opened and then She opened the big door for me. Outside!

My tree!

Right first thing, that tree. Mine, all of it! Straight up. She and Tom stood and watched, I could tell She was a little apprehensive when I carried on up to the top and then popped over the wall up there.


Interesting. Windows and a door with a big outside bit and ‘Hydropathetic’ written high up on the wall. I had a good nosy in the windows, but couldn’t see much. No route to the top that I could work out.

Back down I headed round the glass house. She asked if I was hoping for a full English , but only Tom does those. A nosy at the other side, plenty of those things she calls cars. It’s two years since I got called a stupid cat for getting a bit too close to a moving one in Thrupp outside. No obvious route upwards from there.

My tree and the route upwards

Back round, I could tell She was twitchy, trying to pretend everything was normal, but keeping an eye on me, when she could see me.

Up on the wall, across the fence onto the roof. Some possibilities. But another roof looked like a really good place for a snooze in the sun. However it seems to have been claimed! I may have to work on this.

Its dull on this roof

She was still trying to pretend everything was okay, so I popped back in to show her that Of course I knew where she was. They trust me on the boat, so they just have to trust me here too. I just hope they don’t move the outside with me in it here!

Now just what is on the other side of this door?

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