Into Quarantine

The staff obliged and opened the portal for me this morning. I didn’t go splat as I went through, which was a relief. Instead of opening into somewhere new, it just opened up into the quarantine zone. Do I have to be quarantined as I come and go out of the inside? I hope not, that could waste an awful lot of tree climbing time!

Into Quarantine

She wouldn’t open up the door for me to get back in, you just can’t get the staff!

Come on open the door!

But instead she opened the other door, quarantine has two big doors and two little doors. The new little door, an old model that still requires some work to operate properly. This one didn’t need programming. Instead She opened up the big door, to OUTSIDE!

Outside again

Oh the air smelt so good!

Look there’s our Christmas tree!

She and Tom followed me around for a while. There was a lot of sniffing to do. CATS! There are loads of CATS. No point in me leaving my scent anywhere today as there was no space for it!

I had a nosy around the big walls. Apparently the big walls are called Green Gables. I did a little reckie around what I could see. There are several possible routes to the top. Hopefully they won’t move this outside until I’ve mastered this challenge.

The Green Gables Challenge

After twenty minutes She scooped me back up and that was it. The staff failed again with the door to come back in, maybe this portal is one way, outway not inway, like on Oleanna.


One thought on “Into Quarantine

  1. You need to be smarter Tilly. As soon as the portal is opened, pretend to be sniffing around, check they’re not looking, then make a dash for it over the wall. They’ll never catch you then and they may resort to Dreamies to get you back in (our human does that and we’ve got her up to 4 or 5 before we get close enough for grabbing now!) Freedom and Dreamies – life is good!
    Stay safe and beware and boy cats with big cheeks.
    Dog and Mungo


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