Pet Portal

So, my window. The little one in a big door. Especially for me. Is actually a portal! Apparently I need training to use this.

Powering up the portal. He’ll never fit through that!

Tom has been tinkering with it and She gave it a good clean the other day.

I left him too it, too many paws wouldn’t help

First it had to be programmed for me and only me. She held me under the porch whilst Tom pressed buttons. Eventually my window beeped. I wasn’t too keen on this.

Feline buttons

Then She opened up the window a bit like the side hatch on Oleanna, only upwards. Well we all know that the side hatch is one way, you can come in that way. But should you try to go out you just splat against it!

That’s interesting

She kept saying that this was different, but even She had difficulty opening it up and keeping it open from the inside and ended up having to go through the big door to open it from the other side.

Hang on!

Later in the day She tried to convince me again. STUPID! She’s not going to fool me like that! Anyway the dishwasher is far more interesting.

4 thoughts on “Pet Portal

  1. I remember trying to teach one of my old cats to use a cat flap. Thought it’d be a good idea to smear it with pilchards. Couldn’t get rid of the smell for months (and the cat still refused to use it).
    Top tip – don’t use pilchards!!


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