Turning Five

Yesterday I turned five!

Bigger window shelves here

I didn’t turn round five times, I span round at least fifty five times. I apparently turned five years old.


She says this is my birthday. Time to celebrate, so I jumped on top of the wardrobe before breakfast. Then they left me on my own all day! They went off in a fast car for ages, my magic food bowl hadn’t been put out so I knew they’d be coming back before too many sleeps. They did, smelling of Oleanna!!!

Things got better. She then gave me two presents.

This is GOOD!

The first one has feathers and a bedoingee mouse on it. This is supertastic and why I turned fifty five.

What is it?!

Then there was a parcel. I got to look inside, but it didn’t make sense. She says when she’s finished with it it will. However She needs to use ‘hot snot’ and needs a ‘gun’ to do this with!? Her gun is ‘dead’. See, it doesn’t make sense. Maybe its a very long string for my new bedoingee mouse so that I can chase it all around this inside.


Not a bad day after all. Apparently there is another thing that will happen at the weekend, but I need to have some training first. Puzzling!

Tell ME!!!

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