I’ve been getting to meet the neighbours, at a safe distance.

This is Shoes.

Just you wait!

He is boss eyed, but will not boss me around. I gave him a good old hiss through the window. Not sure if he looked at me or someone in the next indoors! Apparently he is friendly and I must be nice to him as he’s just had an operation. But if he thinks he can come into my inside ….!

Then there are my next door neighbours. I’m not sure which my next door is at the moment, but I hope they won’t be sat behind it.

This is Betty and Alan.

Betty on the left and Alan with his snotty nose!

They do lots of sitting on a shed in the sunshine. Wonder if there is space for me up there too? The shed is on my planned route to climb the big wall, so I hope they don’t get in the way.

Apparently I’m under house arrest. She says ‘You’ve another week before you can explore this outside‘. She says ‘You are doing well, you just need to relax a bit more and stop being so jumpy!

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