Peeking Too Soon

Transgender Mouse gets it!

Since being in this new inside I have got into trouble a few times.

There is the hole under a drawer that I can stick my arms in. This space also has an intriguing gap at the top of it, but so far I’ve been grabbed before I could climb up to it. She says You might gas yourself if I hang off the pipes up there!

This hole is good, but you should see what is up there!

She also doesn’t like it when I put my head up into a boiler to see what was wrong with it. Apparently this one is fine, it’s the other one that isn’t! I was just trying to help.

Chair seats are not allowed to be scratched, nor is the sofa, that is reserved for my scratch pole. I can see She is starting to come up with a list of rules for being inside.

This is where claws are to be sharpened

She and Tom keep opening some doors, which very quickly get closed behind them. I’m trying to work out how they do this. On Oleanna they do something with the long bolts on the doors, which if rattled by yours truly, sometimes open by themselves or they open them. These doors don’t have bolts on them. I’ve tried shouting ‘OPEN SESEMEE!’ at them but that doesn’t work.

However I just so happened to be passing and the door just happened to be open just a little teeny tiny bit. It obviously needed encouragement, so I gave it some.

Wowee!!! What an inside!!

I could spend years exploring this inside

More steps another parallel room and staircase, this time downwards. This is Upstairs Upstairs Inside that they keep talking about. So much to explore, so much to sniff, so much to climb on, so much to keep a bored cat occupied for days even weeks, even years!

Me? I’m not here!

Sadly my new collar and bell gave the game away. I’d peeked at the peak of this upstairs upstairs inside too soon and got lifted back down. The door firmly shut behind me.

She said, ‘There’s no need to be cocky!’ as I strutted my stuff onto the parallel catwalk. This turned out to be a big mistake. Cockyness means I don’t take the time to do calculations or Health and Safety checks. I stepped onto the cat walk, both front paws fitted. Then the first back paw. I started to lift the second back paw and realised there was too much of me for this catwalk and certainly not enough room for a fourth paw.

I did a rather nice spiral fall, deflecting myself off the hand rail halfway down and landed on all four paws. The floor was big enough for all of them thank goodness.


‘See I told you not to be cocky!’ Hmmmm

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